Next Round 2023
Pitch "Karaoke"

Join our monthly events where you can pitch your groundbreaking ideas and connect with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals and win cash awards. Our events are designed to help first-time founders validate their concepts, as well as provide invaluable practice for seasoned entrepreneurs prepping to face venture capitalists.Spectators can enjoy delectable pupus and drinks, and vote on their favorite pitches. And for those daring founders eager to seize the spotlight, our "open mic" session awaits, giving you the chance to kickstart your startup journey. Don't miss out on this incredible chance to network, have fun, and win cash prizes. NO SINGING REQUIRED.

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Being a founder can be daunting and scary, but sharing your new and exciting idea with the community will help!To encourage more new and scalable ideas in Hawaii, $500 cash prizes will be given to all companies selected, and we encourage new founders to share and learn from the community.Pitches that are more developed will be presented in a spotlight category to highlight what makes them compelling.Pitch your big idea and change your career trajectory for the better.

Pitch Contestants

Event Dates

See below for event dates and locations. Decks are due one week in advance.
Up to $4,000 will be awarded each month to presenters!

’Jun 21Pitch EventBoxJelly
Jul 18Pitch EventBoxJelly
Aug 30Pitch EventEntrepreneur's Sandbox
Sep 20Pitch EventHālau 'Īnana
Oct 18Pitch EventEntrepreneur's Sandbox

Applicant Guidelines

Startups must meet the following requirements to participate and pitch

Judging Criteria

If you are selected to pitch, you already a win $500 cash prize! The audience will also award "bragging badges" for the following categories:

  • Innovation and Idea

  • Market Potential

  • Presentation & Delivery

Online Curriculum

Need some startup advice? Sign up for the Y Combinator Startup School Online to help you refine your pitch. Not required in order to pitch


If you still have questions or would like to sponsor the event, please submit your info and we will get back to you.

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